About Us|This is Hatec Flex Suisse

Hatec Flex Suisse is an engineering company based in Ballwil (LU), Switzerland. The company is part of the Hatec group based in Mülheim an der Ruhr in Germany. Our products are manufactured in the top modern production facility of Hatec Group. As well as the Hatec production unit in Mülheim Germany, Hatec Flex is integrated with selected leading manufacturers through cooperations and partnerships. This creates direct access to the latest products and technology.

Hatec Flex provides all required engineering services, advice and knowledge in the area of flexible elements. Products offered include expansion joints made of steel and elastomer. Other products offered are metal hose assemblies as well as systems for specific markets and state of the art applications. Read more about the products of Hatec Flex.

Expertise, reliability and sustainability combined with continuous development; this is our philosophy. The aim is to provide the market excellence in terms of products, quality and service.